Private Kemah Sailing Charter in Galvestonbay and Clear Lake
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1300 Marina Bay Drive | Slip #39-40 | Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565
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Corporate outings , Team Building:
If you are looking to rewarding your valued team members or increase their productivity what better way to sail a cruise with them to show they are part of a team not just an employee. . Here's the time to put your cell phone down and enjoy planning your future goals and how to accomplish them with a clear mind and a relaxed soul. Perfect for your next move! Go on Sailaway cat with your staff or coworkers and enjoy an Out of the Office Experience?

Romantic Wedding Package:

Ceremony Under Sail : From Kemah , the trip last 4 hours, and we can accommodate up to 12 passengers. The fee includes the sail, Capt Matt's officiant fee and customized ceremony . Capt Matt offers a range of ceremonies from traditional to alternative, or your family pastor is welcome to come aboard and perform the wedding. 

All of your private parties will be tailored to your needs aboard the Sailaway cat. We will help you create a unique experience for your special occasion while enjoying your relaxing sail served by our experienced and friendly Captain for your once in a lifetime experience there is nothing more special! 

Enjoy your chosen drink while you listen to the famous island sounds, relax will do the rest. With over 500 square feet of above deck the Sailaway cat is the perfect vessel for your special occasions.

Daily Sunset Cruise:
Watch your private sunset as the setting sun casts its stunning array of colors over the horizon. Galveston Bay's unique sunsets are spectacular relaxing so you can enjoy a wonderful romantic cruise. No visit to Galveston Bay would be totally complete without a sunset sail on Sailaway cat. Sit back, relax and enjoy a sip of your cool beverage while the sun puts on its show, just for you… What a perfect way to complete your day and start your evening. A novel way to spend any occasion either it's your birthday, honeymoon, or romantic anniversary. 

Private Charters are very popular aboard Sailaway cat. Corporate gatherings, birthdays, weddings or just a great party with friends and family. Sailaway cat's specious deck plan is ideal for all these events.

Every evening Sailaway cat leaves on its sunset cruise off Galveston bay's scenic coast. Perfect for birthdays, anniversary celebrations, team-building or other special occasions, Kemah Catamaran sailing on the Sailaway cat is a memorable experience. In the summer ​be part of viewing the Wednesday night boat races in Clear Lake or Friday night can be the best place to watch the sunset or Kemah fireworks light up your Texas sky. 

Daily Cruises:
Voyage through Kemah and hoist the sails on our sailboat charter in Kemah. Cruise to Galveston bay or Clear Lake and drop anchor for a refreshing swim or sail out to Redfish Island or to the mouth of the ship channel. Try our magical daily sail to find and race against dolphins with our Cat on our Kemah or Galveston Bay charters. We can always drop an anchor to enjoy a picnic lunch on our shaded terrace.
Catamaran Sailing in  Kemah,Clear lake and Galveston bay areas.