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​Sail Away on our cat with our Galveston Bay charters!

Escape the ordinary. Enjoy the wind, waves and sunshine; have fun with family and friends on a Kemah sailing adventure or how about a relaxing, romantic sail to tell someone how much you love them under the moonlight. 

A Sailing Adventure aboard the Sail away cat is designed to give you the most unique sailing adventure that is relaxing and enjoyable and can be designed to meet your specific desires. The duration of your cruise can be from two to four hours or customize to your preference. You are always welcome to be part in the sailing of the vessel or you can just relax, enjoy the sound of the wind and water. choose your own adventure Sail away cat can provide it all. You are cordially invited to indulge yourselves in a custom vacation aboard Sail away cat. Whatever your desires, Sailaway cat can provide you the sail of a lifetime. You will be the Sail away Captain aboard the Cat on our sailboat charter in Kemah to decide you own itinerary and the pace of your cruise. 

Sail away cat is perfect for birthday parties, casual corporate events, or even just the casual family picnic! With an 18 feet beam and 30 feet length, the Sailaway cat is wide and comfortable. She has a spacious trampoline and great large cockpit for all occasions. Your cruise comes with owner operator licensed Master Captain Matt Ceviker to take you anywhere you want, and can serve the food you bring. Evening cruises are always customize so the beautiful sunset occurs halfway through you cruise.

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Ready to come out of your house to enjoy sailing on your private Catamaran? Our routinely cleaned, social distancing-compliant Catamaran is ready to take you out!